A downloadable game for Windows

Following the outbreak of a mysterious illness, people fall into an unending coma from which there is no awakening. After months of loss, researchers discover that victims share the same dream, and succeed in artificially causing the coma to send their staff inside. What they find is a world between worlds, connected to many more than our own. And inside this world, the race to end the illness begins.

Eternal Dreamers is a battle-focused RPG offering deep tactical combat action. With a wide selection of classes and equipment pieces, the game puts much emphasis on customizability and player choice. This game is for all of you that cannot get enough of the high finding the next piece of shiny loot. 

Albeit a demo, the game is meaty in content. Fight your way through five areas on two difficulty settings, find the ideal party composition, or gamble your soul away in the casino. There is no shortage of things one can do.

  • 8 playable classes for a total of 70 unique party combinations
  • A unique and tactical combat system
  • 4 quest types, 5 areas across 3 difficulty levels
  • Over 100 weapons, armors and other items
  • Get hooked on the gamble in an elaborate casino
  • Relationship system (Coaching)


Eternal Dreamers (February 25th) 600 MB

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