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Patch – February 25th
Today’s bite-sized patch streamlines the Spirit Hunt and makes other minor changes. Changes as well as bug fixes can be found in the patch notes below: Fragme...
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Patch – February 19th
Today’s patch is for all the gamblers out there! The casino has been severely revamped, receiving an improved layout, a new minigame and extensive changes to...
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Patch – February 5th
Today’s patch most notably marks the beginning of Ramiro’s internship at Eucreta’s laboratory. His expertise at socket piece crafting will come in handy f...
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Patch – January 20th
Today’s update brings the reworked Manipulator and Hunter classes and ups the difficulty of boss encounters. Will our brave heroes prevail, or is the game’s...
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Patch – January 3rd
Happy New Year, everyone! To kick off the new year, today’s update is focused on visual adjustments to the game first and foremost, fully implementing charact...
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Patch – December 24th
This Christmas eve’s patch is a big thank you for all the attention you have been giving Eternal Dreamers throughout this year of development and my gift to y...
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Patch – September 16th
Today’s patch notes will combine changes made on September 7th via a hotfix as well as new content and changes introduced today. A primary focus of this patch...
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